Specialised bank system

A specialised bank core system software including client management, IBAN accounts, product management, client scoring, collateral administration, loan management, accounting and payment service.




ClientsSystem makes a profile where all the information about the client is stored. All the profile fields are user-definable. We developed some useful tools for customer relationship management, for example, notifications and memos.


AccountsAll accounts are opened as IBAN accounts. Moreover, in this module system gives an overview of account balance and transactions. Possible to look through and print various period account statements, define limits.


ProductsOur core system is very flexible because all the products and their parameters are user definable. We can create various products including term deposits, cumulative deposits, accounts with interests, consumer credits, credit lines, credit cards, loans with mortgage, etc.


ScoringOur system is an open solution, which can easily be interfaced with external systems. All necessary data for scoring from external data centers can be imported automatically, so definite rules may be implemented to automate decision making. Adjustable triggers can call in a responsible person for re-scoring. Additional features: standard document forms can be generated for printing and sending.


LoansSystem has all the necessary tools for loan management, including loan opening, schedule modeling, administration and closing. Loans can be with fixed or variable interest rates, which are calculated automatically. This module also include collaterals administration, provisions accounting, loss events registration, basically, a full loan portfolio administration.

Payment Cards

Payment CardsIntegrated online application for a „Mastercard“, card management (activation, blocking, changing limits etc.), checking card account statements and transaction history.


PaymentsInternal payments can be done providing user name or account number. Integrated control mechanisms for correct data entry. Moreover, system has a direct integration with SEPA, so it provides local and international SEPA payments (in and out). For a quicker workflow system users can store account numbers or export a group of payments to other commercial banks in Lithuania.


AccountingThis module include account plan administration; Big Book and financial operations accounting; Invoice, suppliers, customer registration and management; Invoice payment control; Fixed assets, government securities, multicurrency accounting; Day balance closing (opening); Balance online; Operations logging; etc.


CashWe have implemented full software service for cash operations: cash deposit, cash withdrawal, cash limits management for personnel, cash desk, treasury, cash desk reports, control, security, etc.

Data exchange integrations

Data Exchenge IntergrationsSystem provides data management and exchange with various third party institutions, companies and systems including Bank of Lithuania, Centre of Regsters, CreditInfo, etc.

  • Clients
  • Accounts
  • Products
  • Scoring
  • Loans
  • Payment Cards
  • Payments
  • Accounting
  • Cash
  • Data exchange integrations