E-payment core solution

Fully-fledged payment core system including IBAN accounts, credit cards, online payments, currency exchange, cash management and other functions designed to automate business operations for financial service providers.



Payment Accounts

Payment accountsAll accounts are opened as multicurrency IBAN accounts. In this module system gives us an overview of account balance, reserved sums and transaction status. Possible to look through and print various period account statements, define limits, order periodical account statements.


ClientsSystem makes a profile where all the information about the client is stored. We developed all the necessary tools for customer relationship management including personal notifications and massive messages. All the profile fields are user-definable. Possible online subscription.


PaymentsInternal payments can be done providing user ID or account number, email or mobile phone number. Moreover, system has a direct integration with SEPA, so it provides local and international SEPA payments. For a quicker workflow system users can create payment templates and automatic group payments.

Payment Cards

Payment cardsIntegrated online application for a „Mastercard“, card management (activation, blocking, changing limits etc.), checking card account statements and transaction history.

Foreign Exchange

Foreign exchangeIntegrated foreign exchange engine (internal exchange on the client request) which include directory of currencies, exchange rates and currency transactions processing.

System Administration

System administrationOur system is an open solution, which can easily be interfaced with external systems via API. The accounting engine runs in compliance with IFRS. The report generator enables the creation of customized reports of any complexity to comply with local regulatory requirements. Our powerful workflow module operates in conjunction with the accounting engine and is used as control center to manage all the processes, including postings, advice, limit monitoring, checks against black lists etc.

We have developed several user identification (verification) levels which are definable. Customer limits and access to products based on the client profile and level of verification.


AML and KYCSystem has customer identification and KYC-procedures, which include: limit monitoring, automatic generation and processing of declarations of source of funds on exceeding a specified limit, checking against black lists (OFAC, World Check, EU), monitoring of abnormal activities that do not match the profile of the client. A built-in alert system keeps everything on track.

  • Payment Accounts
  • Clients
  • Payments
  • Payment Cards
  • Foreign Exchange
  • System Administration
  • AML and KYC